by shophousedesign

A huge part of our day to day work is designing some pretty amazing office spaces. We like our office design to be fun and make for a more collaborative work environment. We have been so lucky to design offices for numerous Inc. 500 companies as well as various other offices in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Here are some office spaces that we just love.

amazing office concept

We love the dark reception wall and use of reclaimed wood in this space. This simple and clean design is cool, but not in the ‘tried too hard’ kind of way.

cool entry signage for office

What a strong entrance. This sign is just fantastic. The bench desking provides collaborative offices to do just that.

glam industrial office

Industrial, modern and a bit glam. All the elements in this space come together perfectly. We will take this space any day of the week.


We recently designed an office with a similar feel. Partitioning off the space with glass is a great way to provide an open floorplan with some space for privacy.


One thing we always like to provide for our clients is unique art installations. This one gives us the feeling that a SUPERHERO just left.

Have questions about how to design your office space? Feel free to email us at hello@shophousedesign.com